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Ad hoc Security offers custom built PC based Hybrid DVR’s for your CCTV video surveillance requirements. All of our PC based DVR systems is integrated right here in the US. We offer both rackmount and tower server PC forms. All of our Hybrid PC DVR card’s are discounted by 10% when you purchase a fully integrated system. PC Based DVR’s have Windows 7 operating system which makes this system very simple to use. All our PC based DVR include hybrid DVR software suite called AHS+, which is an excellent solution for IP CCTV migration. Hybrid PC DVR’s are very easily expandable and you can scale up your camera inputs very easily. PC based DVR’s are very easy to maintain, which means if a component fails then the user can just replace one part. They also integrate very easily with POS/ATM & PTZ cameras. Our unique feature in AHS+ software allows users to integrate multiple monitors where users can playback and monitor at the same time.

If you have very specific PC requirements please contact our sales team at [email protected] for the free consultation.

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